Iron Sky 2019

Iron Sky 2019

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The film tells the story of when the former Nazi base on the moon became the last refuge of humankind. The Finnish-German film is directed by Timo Vuorensola and is a sequel to the film he worked on previously in 2012, Iron Sky. Making Iron Sky: The Coming Race 2019 is funded by a public joint venture on the Indiegogo site. The main inspiration for film content is Vril’s conspiracy theory.


More than 20 years after the nuclear war triggered by the Nazi Moon Invasion, the Earth has now become a place that is no longer friendly. The latest victims have now gathered together at the Nazi Moonbase, many refugees from Earth among them.

Over the years large human colonies have now formed with their own fascist governments and religions, including Jobists a sect formed around the teachings of Steve Jobs and their leaders. But the base further deteriorated and because of the damage Moon had suffered in the nuclear war, his time was running out.

The woman named Obi Washington (Lara Rossi) who is the daughter of Renate Richter (Julia Dietze) and James Washington, found that there may be other survivors who have been hiding in the underground city in the center of the Earth with suggestions to be able to save the base and also decided to immediately travel towards Earth to be able to seek help.

But those who survived, a group of explorers found in the center of the Earth and even non-humans, they stumbled against the prehuman world of dinosaurs ruled by a reptilians race, Vril led by Adolf Hitler in the form of his true reptiles among other former human rulers, all of whom were reptilians under their human skin all this time.

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