Bebas (2019)

Bebas (2019)

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 119 MinView: 50 views
10 votes, average 7.5 out of 10
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Producer Mira Lesmana and Director Riri Riza are working together again on the Free film. The film is the result of an adaptation of the Korean movie, ‘Sunny’ which aired in 2011. The free story begins with the life of a woman named Vina (Marsha Timothy), who begins to lose her “identity” because she is too busy with her daily routine as a wife and mother.

Until one time, Vina met Kris (Susan Bachtiar), who made both of them remember memories together during high school. Meeting with Kris also made Vina find an identity. For some reason, Kris asked Vina to look for four other friends who were in high school when they joined the free group with them.

The search effort also led to nostalgia with sweet, bitter memories, and excitement while still young. That moment was made free as a time for reunions. Same as SunnyFree movie tells the story of the friendship of six teenagers in a gang named Bebas. In this film, Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza present two phases of the free gang friendship as teenagers and as adults.

The Free Film stars many well-known artists such as Marsha Timothy, Susan Bachtiar, Indy Barends, Baim Wong, Widi Mulia, and Salvita Decorte. The film also enlivened by young stars such as Maizura, Sheryl Sheinafia, Agatha Priscilla, Zulfa Maharani, Lutesha, and Baskara Mahendra.

Free is a film produced by Miles Films, CJ Entertainment with Ideosource Entertainment and BASE Entertainment. This comedy-drama genre movie starts airing simultaneously in Indonesian cinemas on October 3.

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