Captive State (2019)

Captive State (2019)

PG-13Genre: Science Fiction
Quality: Year: Duration: 110 MinView: 10 views
313 votes, average 5.3 out of 10
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The film Captive State is an exciting American science fiction crime film directed by Rupert Wyatt and written by Wyatt and Erica Beeney.

Synopsis of the film Captive State

In 2019 Chicago was controlled by an army of extraterrestrial beings. Nearly a decade already the earth is occupied by forces from outside.

The meeting of extraterrestrial beings will be a challenge facing the people of the earth. 10 years later, Chicago residents must decide whether they should continue their lives under the command of extraterrestrial beings or support the rebels.

This war will occur inexhaustibly and a long-term threat. They also try to prevent the destruction or domination of the world by extraterrestrials, so that a better and safer future is created.

The conflict culminated when a young man named Gabriel Drummond (Ashton Sanders) joined the rebels he realized that he was being watched by someone who wanted to destroy the rebels and thwart their plans.

The film was directed by Rupert Wyatt.

The story of this film is indeed quite complicated to understand, but Rupert Wyatt is very ambitious and confident that he is able to deliver the contents of the film to the audience. He also believes this film will be successful in the market. This film was produced by Participant Media and Nation Entertainment Films.



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