Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Quality: Year: Duration: 121 MinView: 1,007 views
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Crazy Rich Asians are one of the most talked-about films last August. Unexpectedly, the film, which was based on a best-seller novel by Kevin Kwan, also made it to the ranks of the box office in the United States.

The appeal of Crazy Rich Asians full movie is not only because it is lifted from best-selling novels, but also because of the cultural touch that is presented. Here we can see a little about the lives of Chinese descent. Its very Asian setting will also make us realize that there are many beautiful places on this continent.

The film, directed by Jon M Chu, also successfully won the hearts of many viewers. His debut alone managed to get the US $ 20 million and became the highest in the first week of serving on the US box office list defeating MILE 22 and THE MEG.

Sinopsis Crazy Rich Asians

CRAZY RICH ASIAN tells the story of a Chinese New York woman who is a professor at a university, Rachel Wu ( Constance Wu ). He has a girlfriend named Nick Young ( Henry Golding ) who is also a professor at the same university but doesn’t really know about his girlfriend’s background, despite being given some code. Until finally Nick invited Rachel to come home to Singapore, attend a friend’s wedding.

This is where Rachel’s life suddenly changed. He just found out that Nick came from a super-rich family in Singapore. Not only that, Nick is the most popular single man and it’s not surprising that he is surrounded by many beautiful women who want to be his wife.

In addition to differences in class and lifestyle, Rachel has to face other challenges, namely Nick’s mother, Eleanor ( Michelle Yeoh ). Eleanor was very obsessed with prestige and wanted her son to marry a woman from the same strata of life. For Eleanor, Rachel didn’t deserve to be next to Nick.

Everything felt even worse when Nick and Rachel began to fight a lot because of this problem.

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