Cold Pursuit (2019)

Cold Pursuit (2019)

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Cold Pursuit was directed by Hans Petter Moland. Cold Pursuit is a 2014 Norwegian film remake entitled “In Order of Disappearance” which is also directed by Moland.


Cold Pursuit tells about the calm life of Nelson Coxman as a snowplow driver at the luxurious Colorado ski resort in Kehoe, where he was recently awarded the “Citizen of the Year” award. Coxman’s calm life was disturbed when his son died from a heroin overdose.

Nelson’s wife also has a psychotic disorder due to the death of her son and leaves. A depressed Coxman will commit suicide, knowing that his son was killed by a drug cartel. This caused him to become vigilant, killing three cartel members and submerging their bodies in a nearby river.

The cartel leader, Trevor “Viking” Calcote, suspects that these deaths were the result of drug lords Native American White Bull, who had previously avoided conflicts with him The Vikings kidnapped and killed the only son of White Bull, which sparked a gang war between the two cartels. The Vikings learned that Coxman had killed his men, not realizing that White Bull intended to take revenge through “a son for a son” debt.

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