A Tiger Wife (2015)

Genre: Drama, Drama3s
Quality: Year: Duration: 93 Min

The film tells the story of an urban female white-collar worker who sees her boyfriend and uses the radical method to promote his inspirational story. Xia Yifan ( Huang Zi Teng ) is a deputy director with a dream.

He met with a beautiful Jiang Xiaoli ( Yan Yu ornaments) and made a pursuit. Xia Yifan took Jiang Xiaoli and the party Sha Tianyou ( Wang Wenshi ) to meet. Who knows that Jiang Xiaoli and Sha Tianyou were actually classmates, only to know that Jiang Xiaoli was the “tigress” in the class, and a farce began.

When Jiang Xiaoli saw that Xia Yifan had nothing to do, he used the radical method to urge Xia Yifan to express his indignation. While pretending to leave him, he silently cared about him and encouraged his friends to support and support him. He continued to Xia Yifan’s success, and Xia Yifan, who learned the truth, was very moved. The two men came back together again.

Language:Chinese, English