Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019)

Genre: Action, Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 138 Min
52 votes, average 7.4 out of 10

Starting with a June 2015 attack on a convoy of Indian troops in Chandel Manipur by the NSCN (K) militant, Major Vihaan along with his unit including his brother-in-law Major Karan infiltrated the attacking East Eastern militants and killed their leader. After the mission the Prime Minister of India congratulated.

At dinner, Vihaan asked for early retirement because he wanted to be close to his mother who had suffered from Alzheimer’s, and the Prime Minister offered him a job in New Delhi closer to his mother rather than retiring so Vihaan agreed. Vihaan took a job at the Integrated Defense Staff Headquarters and he spent time with family.

In the Pathankot attack, nurse Jasmine D’Almeida was assigned to care for Ms. Vihaan. Vihaan met an Air Force pilot, Lieutenant Seerat Kaur, who tried to prove his patriotism towards his deceased husband who was a military officer killed in the attack. One time Vihaan lost his mother and blamed Jasmine.

Vihaan’s mother was found under the bridge and Jasmine explained herself as an intelligence agent. This revealed the families of special forces soldiers were given security because of threats from terrorists. 19 September 2016, 4 armed guerrillas attacked the brigade headquarters in Uri, Jammu and also Kashmir, killing 19 troops.

The terrorists were killed but Karan died in the explosion because he did not intentionally pull the pin attached to the terrorist gun he had taken. One family was destroyed, one of which was Vihaan. The Ministry decided to take decisive action on the perpetrators of the attack. Vihaan left work and headed for Udhampur North Command base.

Vihaan asked the Army’s chief of staff, Gen. Arjun, to count on the operations he had agreed to. Vihaan chooses Ghatak’s elite commandos. Vihaan tells them not to use the telephone and disguises the mission as a training exercise. During the planning, Govind utilized ISRO, DRDO, and RAW.

He went to see Brian D’Souza, the head of the DRDO, he had the opportunity to meet an intern Ishaan who developed a drone named Garuda. Through the help of drones and satellite images, they found the location of the terrorist training camp. Jasmine explained her real name, Pallavi, to Vihaan.

During the Interrogation, Vihaan and Pallavi obtained information about the attack handlers. He chose Seerat to be the pilot. Govind suggested intensifying artillery fire at the border for disruption. The commanders also started training. September 28, commandos depart for a strike at the Pakistan Administered Kasmir by helicopter.

During the mission, Vihaan helicopters were forced not to cross the Control Line because of the latest intelligence from spies in Pakistan, the Pakistani Army is deploying Surface-based “AWAC” Early Warning Radar based on the Surface to Air Missiles System to bring down their helicopters.

He and the improvised team walked through the cave. The team managed to infiltrate to kill all terrorists on 2 launch pad. Other Command Teams also kill all terrorists. Vihaan kills Jabbar and Idris, the perpetrators of the Uri attack. Local police were alerted and the Commandos lacked ammunition. On their way back, they were bombarded with fire from a nearby engine gun bunker and a Pakistani Air Force helicopter that was scrambled to intercept from the Vihaan team.

The flight lieutenant came to their rescue, fired both of them against Pakistani warships and drove them away and also eliminated the engine bunkers. The team successfully crossed LoC on the Indian side. Vihaan landed on the Hindon Air Force Stadium. The film ends with Vihaan, Govind, Pallavi, and happy Commando troops and having dinner with the prime minister.

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