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Enter The Fat Dragon 2020

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Donnie Yen decided to end his career in kung fu with the ending of the Ip Man series last month. Now, Donnie returns through the adventure film, still clad in an action scene titled Enter the Fat Dragon.

Directed by veteran successor Kenji Tanigaki, the film, which airs ahead of the Lunar New Year, offers several combined concepts of Sammo Hung and also Jackie Chan. As is known, Sammo Hung’s films often show people who are overweight who are also fans of Bruce Lee. As for Jackie Chan, the film’s story is always wrapped in action and comedy scenes.

Synopsis Enter The Fat Dragon

Yen plays the role of Fallon Zhu, a Hong Kong police officer who is so obsessed with restoring order and saving everyone. Because of this, he finally disappoints his fiancé, Chloe (Niki Chow Lai-Kei), a second-class television artist. One day, he improvised to stop a bank robbery on the day he was supposed to take a wedding photo.

Zhu had to accept the harsh reality because he failed to complete his mission. He was demoted to police in the evidence room, even left by Chloe. Six months on duty in a relaxed place and continued to eat snacks without stopping, Zhu’s weight gradually increased to 115 kilograms.

Right when he is fat, his colleague Shing (Louis Cheung Kai-Chung), sends Zhu on a mission to extradite Japanese fugitives to Tokyo. Arriving there, Zhu meets with Hong Kong police, Thor (Wong Jing), and his restaurant owner’s friend (Teresa Mo Shun-Kwan), as well as a Japanese police inspector, Endo (Naoto Takenaka) and his translator (Jessica Jann). The action scenes become so thick and fast in this film that they can barely pay attention to Yen in his fat body, getting involved in a massive fight.

Zhu may be a fan of martial arts, and this film indeed respects Bruce Lee, but the most remembered is not the classic kung fu film that is here. But the fight scene Donnie Yen with Wu Jing from the movie SPL (2005) is entertaining. No less attractive, there is humorous interaction between the quarrel between Yen and Chow and Wong and Mo. This film can already be watched in theaters of the country starting today, January 24, 2020.

Language:广州话 / 廣州話

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