Grand Isle (2019)

Grand Isle (2019)

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Grand Isle (2019) was directed by Stephen S. Campanelli and stars several well-known artists such as Nicolas Cage, Zulay Henao, Kelsey Grammer. Action and Thriller genre films will air on December 6, 2019.


In 1988, a man named Buddy (Luke Benward) was a new father who was trying to get rich quick schemes to make a living, trying to avoid manual labour. In the terrible financial difficulties, trying to be able to support his upset wife named Lisa (Emily Marie Palmer), Buddy takes a job repairing fences for a man named Walter (Nicolas Cage), tasked with finishing a day’s work for a little time extra money.

Starting to work, Buddy is exposed to Walter’s problematic ways, with alcoholics likely to resort to violent behaviour. Joining that afternoon, Someone named Fancy (KaDee Strickland), the wife of Walter and a lonely woman who didn’t like her partner, was happy that Buddy was a handsome young man, approaching.

When the storm comes, Buddy is forced into the house, immediately confronts the antagonism of Walter and also the methods of making fun of Fancy against him, putting Buddy in a terrible position in managing two unstable people at a time when household riots change. evil.

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