Incident in a Ghostland (2018)

Incident in a Ghostland (2018)

Quality: Year: Duration: 91 MinView: 1,094 views
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Ghostland is a 2018 horror thriller film directed by Pascal Laughier.

The film won 3 awards after appearing in the International Film Festival du film fantastique de Geradrmer. Ghostland’s full movie is played by Crystal Reed, Anastasia Philips, Emilia Jones, and Mylene Farmer.

Ghostland 2018 tells the story of a woman named Pauline who is on vacation with her two daughters, Beth and Vera. They went to the house of their brother, aunt Clarissa.

Beth reads a horror story that she bought at the supermarket when they stopped to refuel. The story contains an attack by a mysterious group that kills parents in a house to kidnap children.

Synopsis Incident in a Ghostland

Vera (Anastasia Phillips), Beth (Crystal Reed), and her mother traveled to the home of their recently deceased brother, aunt Clarissa. As it turned out, Clarissa’s house was very far and secluded from the other houses.

Arriving at the house, Beth and Vera began to tidy things up and found a large mirror filled with strange dolls. Without them knowing, a big candy truck came to their house.

That same night, they were attacked by a big man and his scary mother. Pauline, Beth and Vera’s mother, tried to save their child. But the man hit Pauline’s head until he was unconscious.

The man found Vera and Beth, he dragged them and took him to the basement. The man chose Vera and left Beth because at that time Beth was menstruating. Beth, who couldn’t help Vera, tried to run away and ask for help.

Pauline, who was then conscious of trying to help Vera and Beth again, Beth was stopped by a woman who then stabbed Pauline to death. Then the scene changes into Beth’s adult life, Beth suddenly awakens from her sleep and panics. Beth’s husband then came and calmed him down.

Now, Beth is a famous writer who managed to make a story based on her past life with Vera. Tomorrow night, Beth gets a call from Vera who says Beth must be back with Vera.

Beth called her mother to ask about Vera’s condition, but there was no response from her mother. Beth is disturbed by the incident, decides to return to her home and meet Vera.

Vera looked shabby and crazy that her mother was now locked in a cellar. Vera who saw Beth was happy but suddenly hysterical and said the men and women who had attacked them had returned.

Suddenly Beth woke up and it was just a mere flash of Beth’s imagination. He and Vera were still at Aunt Clarisa’s house and her mother died at the house. They are still prisoners.

Vera then tells Beth to stop imagining and run away. Vera tells Beth that she must hide before the man returns, but Beth’s attempt fails. He was caught and he was dressed up like a doll.

They were both tortured and treated like real dolls. Their bodies are injured and bruised. Long story short, Vera and Beth managed to escape from the house and seek help. They ran very far towards the highway until they finally met the police who were patrolling.

However, the rescue attempt failed because the police who rescued them were shot dead by the mother of the big man. Vera and Beth were pulled and held back to their homes.

However, when Vera and Beth were about to be tortured, suddenly the sound of a gunshot caused the big man to die. Vera and Beth are finally rescued and get out of the house.

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