Juror 8 (2019)

Juror 8 (2019)

Genre: Drama
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The Juror 8 film, inspired by a courtroom case in 2008 which had a jury for the first time in the history of South Korean law, this film tells a fictional story mainly about a female judge and a group of different citizens selected to be judges in a trial in which she will lead the trial.

Because the trial has attracted a lot of public attention because of the inclusion of civilians in the trial process which has never happened before, of course, there is a lot of hope and also pressure on the judge named Kim Joon-Gyeom (Moon So-ri), but Joon-Gyeom is not someone who is easily daunted, he along with two assistant judges immediately start selecting eight jury members from various candidates submitted to them.

Finally, 8 Civilians Were Selected by Jurors

One of them Nam-woo (Park Hyung-Sik), a young man who struggled to get a business breakthrough through new products made by him. When Nam-Wo was interviewed by Judge Kim and 2 of his assistant judges, the answers to some of his questions were not so exemplary, but he eventually became Jury No. 8 maybe because of his sincere attitude.

When the eight judges finally entered the courtroom under Judge Kim’s supervision, it seemed they would only spend a few hours reviewing the case, which appeared to be a simple murder case. A poor handicapped man who had been arrested for murdering his elderly mother for social welfare money, and he pleaded guilty in addition to his confession of murder, so all the jury had to do was decide how much he was convicted of his murder.

When the jury examines the evidence and testimony that was convicted of the trial, most of them become convinced that the defendant is guilty of the accused, but Nam-woo is not sure about that. After accidentally meeting the defendant at some point, he felt the defendant might not have committed the murder, and he also had reasonable doubts when one of the other jurors showed certain questionable aspects of the autopsy results of the victim’s body.

When Nam-woo becomes persistent about his doubts, he naturally conflicts with some of the jurors. Nam-woo wanted to ascertain whether the defendant really used the tool presented as a murder tool, he also wanted to confirm the reliability of important witnesses and ultimately lead to a re-examination at the scene.

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