Makmum (2019)

Makmum (2019)

Genre: Ghost, Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 95 MinView: 62 views
2 votes, average 8.8 out of 10
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The film Makmum tells the appearance of a creepy figure in a dormitory, which often appears behind people who are praying. Makmum is an Indonesian horror film produced by Blue Water Films and Dee Company. The film, adapted from a short film by Riza Pahlevi, is planned to be aired on August 15, 2019, produced by Dheeraj Kalwani, the screenplay produced by Alim Studio, Riza Pahlevi, Vidya Talisa Ariestya.

Hadrah Daeng Ratu directed this adaptation film. It has become the third horror film he is working on after previously leading the film Jaga Pocong and #Malam Friday: The Movie. Some other film titles he has directed are Heart Beat, Super Didi, and Mars met Venus.

The primary role in this film entrusts to Titi Kamal, who plays the character of Rini. Rini returned to the dormitory at the request of Ms. Kinanti, whose health has declined, Titi Kamal is an actress, model, and singer who has starred in many films. Some movie titles that have been starred by the wife of actor Christian Sugiono include Eiffel I’m in Love, Suddenly Dangdut, and Hangout.

The next character is Ms. Kinanti, played by senior actress Jajang C. Noer. Jajang C. Noer is an Indonesian film actress and director who is the daughter of Nazir national figure Datuk Pamuncak. Active in starring in films since the 1970s, several popular movie titles he has starred in include Arisan !, Laskar Pelangi, and Kopi Philosophy.

Then there is the beautiful actress Reny Yuliana who is believed to portray the character of Rosa, the new hostel leader. Before starring in this film, Reny Yuliana has starred in the movie titled Senggol Bacok in 2010 ago.


Makmum tells the unseen figure who is always annoying and given the nickname ‘Makmum’ by the occupants of the hostel. After Rini’s return to the dormitory at the request of Mrs. Kinanti, this public figure was increasingly disturbing. This made Nurul, Nisa, and Putri, boarders who could not go out during the holidays because their poor grades were scared in the hostel.

Unfortunately, Rosa, who was the head of the new hostel, did not respond to their fears. Until finally, Putri experienced possessions that increasingly frequented the intensity and made the atmosphere of the hostel, not conducive. Rini also tried to solve the mystery of the emergence of Ma’am, without knowing that her life was at stake.

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