Mangkujiwo 2020

Mangkujiwo (2020)

Quality: Year: View: 922 views
16 votes, average 5.7 out of 10

This is a horror film produced by MVP Pictures. Mangkujiwo is a film directed by Azhar Kinoi Lubis. Mangkujiwo’s film scheduled to appear in theatres starting January 30, 2020.

This film tells the story of the origin of Kuntilanak who is closely related to the feud between two palace figures. The two palace figures are Brotoseno and Cokrokusumo. They fight for power over Loji Pusaka.

Mangkujiwo will be starring a series of artists including Asmara Abigail, Djenar Maesa Ayu, Sujiwo Tejo, Karina Suwandi, and many more. The Mangkujiwo movie trailer was released a while ago.

Synopsis Mangkujiwo

The 52-second video shows a woman locked up. Around it is animals and plates. The woman took the lizard from the plate and put it in her mouth. Accompanied by Javanese song, the woman was stuck in a dark and dirty room.

A middle-aged man came and brought a dead chicken. The short video closed with a woman with long hair and a shabby appearance. From the mirror in front of him, she was seen hitting the table.

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