Mirage (2018)

Mirage (2018)

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Mirage is a new sci-fi thriller produced by Netflix. This Spanish film has the original title Durante la Tormenta. As is the case with the thriller from South Korea, the duration is always spent to build the characters and the relationships among them to continue the story. The plot is somewhat reminiscent of Frequency (2000), which also turned into a TV series, but with a few surprises and new lines.

Whether the audience is familiar with Spanish films or not, this film can be enjoyed thanks to the impressive performances of Spanish actors. Mirage Staris Adriana Ugarte who plays Vera Roy. A woman who indirectly lives in two parallel worlds that she created accidentally. Adriana Ugarte is a brilliant actress and her appearance on Mirage is a big reason why viewers can feel frustrated and heartbroken.

There is another important character, Inspector Leyra, played by Chino Darín. A character who doesn’t talk too much in the first half of the film, where he mostly tries to observe and understand. Chino Darín is like the Argentine version, from the extraordinary Robert Sheehan. He recently played Klaus in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. A smaller role is played by Javier Gutiérrez who was successful in El Autor. Srta briefly appeared as one of Spain’s biggest stars, Belén Rueda ( El Orfanato ).

Our lives are the sum of the small decisions we make every day. Every action, no matter how trivial it looks, leads us to a certain path. And all kinds of deviations from this path can lead us to a completely different journey, a completely different life. Mirage is based on the mechanism of this universe. After the success of Russian Doll, another story that uses time as a plot device, the film further strengthens Netflix’s efforts to advance the sci-fi genre in its streaming service.

Plot Mirage 2018

The story begins with a thunderstorm in 1989, the eve of the demolition of the Berlin Wall. Nico Lasarte is a boy, who records himself while playing the guitar. When she heard a voice from a neighbor’s house, she quietly went there to find out the hostess, Hilda Weiss, was dead and her husband, Angel Prieto, was holding a bloody knife. In fear, Nico ran to the road. Disturbed by the man who followed him, the boy did not see the car coming towards him and was hit, dying on the spot. Twenty-five years later, another family moved to Lasartes’s house. Vera settled in a new home with her daughter, Gloria, while her husband, David planned to join them later. While exploring the house, they find an old TV set and a collection of Nico tapes.

At dinner, they invited their old friend, Aitor Medina and his mother, Clara. Aitor told them that Nico was his best friend and when he began to tell them about Prieto, his mother became restless and told him to stop. Later, David learned more about this case on the Internet, especially the fact that Prieto had planned to bury his wife in the slaughterhouse he had.

In the middle of the night, Vera wakes up with a TV sound, which airs news from 1989. Suddenly, the news stops and is replaced by Nico on the screen even when there are no tapes currently playing. When Vera tried to find out how this happened, on the other hand, Nico saw it on TV. Vera realized that their world was connected and that it was the night when Nico would die. As they spoke, Nico heard a voice coming from the Prieto house, but before he could go there, Vera told him everything and prevented his death. The next day, he woke up in the hospital, the same place where he worked, and in a few minutes, learned that his life was no longer the same. He is a neurosurgeon now, something he left behind in his other life. Her husband with his ex, Ursula, someone he had left for Vera. And most importantly, his daughter no longer exists. How will he return to her now?

Obviously, this kind of plot will involve drama and romance. But again, this is what made this plot successful. This is not about time travel, which was mentioned several times throughout the film. Instead, it’s about communicating two people all the time and by doing that, they influence the future. Most of the plot feels like an episode of The Twilight Zone for the main protagonist. He is basically stuck in a world that feels familiar to him.

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