More Than Blue (2018)

More Than Blue (2018)

Genre: Romance
Quality: Year: Duration: 106 MinView: 124 views
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Singer A-Lin and her manager Amanda immediately looked for new lyrics for the song to be recorded, and it happened that their driver played the song Bang sent. A Lin likes it, their driver takes them to Bang, who has retired from the music industry and now runs a small restaurant.

He explained the lyricist Song Yuangyuan “Cream” who was unreachable and his long-time partner music producer Zhang Zhekai “K” who was dead. Age 16 in 2002, Zhang Zhekai lived alone but in high school, they lived together. Both of them became orphans after their parents died in a car accident and his father died of cancer and his mother moved.

What Zhang Zhekai didn’t dare say to Song Yuanyuan was that he had same cancer as his father. Zhang Zhekai started a recording studio but felt weak, Song Yuanyuan successfully rewrote some lyrics to a singer named Bonnie who was temperamental.

In the evening, Song Yuanyuan told Bonnie, her 10-year relationship with Zhang Zhekai was a platonic friendship, free of complications, and she wanted him to marry a good man. He found Yang Youxian, a dentist, Lisa’s school colleague, but Yang Youxian was engaged to his old lover, Cindy, a photographer.

While Zhang Zhekai knew he only had about 1 year to survive. First, he tried to break Yang Youxian and Lisa’s relationship, to leave in a clear place with Song Yuanyuan, and make a secret agreement with an ambitious Lisa.


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