Sadako (2019)

Sadako (2019)

Genre: Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 99 MinView: 11 views
2 votes, average 6.8 out of 10
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Based on a novel called “Tide” by Koji Suzuki, the film “Sadako”. Sadako (2019) from Japan is a horror genre directed by Hideo Nakata and produced by Kadokawa Pictures.


Sadako’s film tells about Mayu (Elaiza Ikeda) who is a psychologist’s advisor at a hospital. Mayu began giving advice to a mysterious girl played by Himeka Himejima who was being protected by the police. The mysterious girl did not remember anything, including her identity.

The girl has a mental health disorder. Mayu then tried to find ways to restore the mental condition of his patients. Since then, mysterious incidents began in May. While searching, Mayu discovered something strange about her sister. Mayu’s sister named Kazuma (Hiroya Shimizu) who is a YouTuber. A recording from his sister’s vlog on YouTube made Mayu discover new facts. A white figure with hair dangling forward appears behind the younger brother’s vlog recording.

Mayu’s sister turned out to be a vlogger who wanted more people to watch the video. Kazuma who wants to have a lot of viewers also decided to sneak into a site that has been burned where 5 people died there. He was trying to find out about Sadako’s curses. Mysterious cases began to haunt Mayu and his sister. How does the story continue? Watch in your favorite movie theatre!


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