The Flowers of Evil (2019)

The Flowers of Evil (2019)

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The Flowers of Evil (I’m no Hana / 惡 の 華) is a Japanese film in 2019 that has a romance genre. The film was directed by Noboru Iguchi and starring Kentaro Ito, Marie Iitoyo, Tina Tamashiro, and Shiori Akita. The film The Flowers of Evil was adapted from the manga series Aku No Hana by Shuzo Oshimi. The film is planned to be aired in September 2019.


Synopsis The Flowers of Evil: Students named Takao Kasuga (Kentaro Ito) are middle school students where Takao Kasuga sees his popular classmate Aya Tokiwa (Marie Iitoyo) reading the work of Charles Pierre Baudelaire entitled “The Flowers of Evil” in “The Flowers of Evil” in a bookstore. When Takao Kasuga was still at school, Takao Kasuga greatly admired the poetry collection of The Flowers of Evil.

As a 2nd-year high school student, Takao found sportswear from a classmate named Nanako Saeki (Shiori Akita) who was popular in class. At that time fell in love with Nanako Saeki at that time. Takao Kasuga felt someone near him and without thinking, Takao Kasuga went in Nanako Saeki’s sportswear. People who see Takao Kasugi in class are students named Sawa Nakamura (Tina Tamashiro).

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