The Gentlemen (2020)

The Gentlemen (2020)

Genre: Action, Crime
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The film The Gentlemen is This is the latest film from Guy Ritchie who again made an action blockbuster like the film he made before King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and live-action Aladdin for Disney. Guy Ritchie also before the film The Gentlemen had made the film Sherlock Holmes, and The Man from UNCLE. In the film, The Gentlemen Guy Ritchie brought big Hollywood movie players like Matthew McConaughey.

The trailer of the film The Gentlemen looks at a plot that positions a movie about the struggle for criminal power between Matthew McConaughey and Crazy Rich Asians actor Henry Golding. Major criminality such as drugs, embezzlement of weapons, cars, and classy clothes. The poster from the film also revealed the plot and theme, a glass of whiskey, with a piece of ice shaped like a gun inside a clean white background.

The film is considered a “sophisticated, star-studded action-comedy,” The Gentlemen is centered on an American expatriate named Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) who has succeeded in building a very profitable cannabis kingdom in London. However, when word got out that he wanted to get money from this business forever even triggered a series of plots, schemes, bribes, and extortion in an attempt to steal this pot empire directly from below him.

The classy comedy action film The Gentlemen, starring Matthew McConaughey will arrive in theaters on January 24, 2020.


A drug king from England tried to sell his very profitable kingdom to the Oklahoma billionaire dynasty.

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