The Hole in the Ground (2019)

The Hole in the Ground (2019)

Genre: Horror, Mystery
Quality: Year: Duration: 90 MinView: 5 views
163 votes, average 5.4 out of 10
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The Hole in the Ground is a film that tells a woman and her child to build a new life in a rural area until the existence of something mysterious threatens them. The film was made in the horror and thriller genre under the direction of director Lee Cronin with a screenplay created by Cronin with Stephen Shields.

Starring Seána Kerslake, James Cosmo, Kati Outinen, Simone Kirby, Steve Wall and James Quinn Markey, will bring the audience to watch tense scenes originating from a boy in the middle of wooded countryside.

The film has been aired at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2019, and is scheduled to be released to the public on March 1, 2019, by its distributor, Wildcard Distribution. Besides being released in Ireland, The Hole in the Ground was also released in the UK. How about the scary story of this film? Consider the following synopsis of The Hole in the Ground.


Trying to escape from her dark past, Sarah O’Neill (Seána Kerslake) built a new life in a rural house near the forest with her son, Chris (James Quinn Markey). Something terrible approached those who involved his mysterious neighbour. Sarah who feels insecure is haunted by nightmares, paranoia and mistrust in her surroundings. His son also began to show unusual behaviour changes. Until he linked it with a mysterious hole in the forest near their home.

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