The Huntress: Rune of the Dead

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When Runa’s papa disappears on a Viking journey she steps up as head of her household, but she is tormented by unusual problems. Eventually, when she is out hunting, she comes across an injured warrior who carries news of her father, new that seems linked to her desires. Something is coming for them, something vile.

811 ADVERTISEMENT, a family, separated in their residence, deep in the timbers a few days take a trip from Birka. They are poor. The hunting and angling have actually misbehaved for a long time, as well as the dad, Joar, takes the determined measure of going on a Viking raid. Joar does not return for a very long time, and also the household starts to fear he never ever will. Runa, the oldest little girl, takes over her dad’s chores in his lack. She misses him dearly and nurtures a tender hope that he, once more, will certainly return to them. But in her heart in some way, she recognizes the suffering of the family has just begun.

There is something airborne, something in the water, the wind, and in the dirt. Runa is familiarizing something disgusting, something harmful out in the woodland. Someday when she is out hunting, she locates a bleeding male, a warrior, practically unconscious. She brings him inside, and also the family has a tendency to his injuries. As he heals, she realizes he is sent to shield the household from a coming close to evil. As well as he brings information about her dad.



Tagline:When Darkness Falls A Hero Rises

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