The Man Without Gravity (2019)

The Man Without Gravity (2019)

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The story raised from this film is very interesting and imaginative. Directed by Marco Bonfanti, starring Elio Germano, Michela Cescon and Elena Cotta will bring you to a dimension where fantasy is very free, there are no limits.

The Italian film L’uomo Senza Gravità looks similar to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But the difference is The Man Without Gravity gives birth to a baby boy in a state of no gravity, while The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tells the story of babies born in old age.

Synopsis The Man Without Gravity

When most babies are born crying, they are carried by a doctor and then their mother, in contrast to Oscar (played by Elio Germano).

With the state of the storm and rain, a hospital in a small town, there was an Oscar Mother gave birth to her child accompanied by her grandmother who was faithfully accompanied. Faced with doctors and nurses, the woman gave birth to her child with all her heart.

The process goes on as usual, but it becomes strange when the child comes out, pops up, and then hovers in the air with the umbilical cord’s condition unbroken. The hovering baby is Oscar. A baby who does not obey the law of gravity, a baby without gravity.

Seeing that, everyone was shocked. And since then, Oscar’s mother and grandmother have hidden the Oscars, which are not like humans in general, from the eyes of the world. They hid for years, and time went on until it brought to the reality that Oscar was now an adult.

An adult Oscar is not the same as his mother who wants to continue to hide the big secret. Oscar instead wants the world to know.

During his life, Oscar always wore heavy shoes. The shoe was made as a barrier to keep him stepping on the earth. If the shoe is taken off, it is like a balloon being released and floating in the air uncontrollably.

And with his shoes, this is the way Oscar has been hiding from the eyes of the world. But when Oscar wants the world to know, how does Oscar do it?

And how will the world respond when people know that there are humans without gravity living with them on this earth? Watch on Netflix

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