Little Joe (2019)

Little Joe (2019)

Genre: Thriller
Quality: Year: Duration: 100 MinView: 126 views
8 votes, average 6.0 out of 10

A genetically engineered plant scatters its seeds and seems to cause uncanny changes in living creatures. The afflicted appear strange as if they were replaced – especially for those, who are close to them. Or is it all just imagination? Thus starts a play between various truths, on which end stands the loss of the own identity.


Alice, a single mother, is an experienced plant breeder who works for a company specializing in the development of new plant species. She designed a very particular flower, vermilion red, remarkable for its beauty as for its therapeutic interest. Indeed, if you keep it at the right temperature, if you feed it properly and if you talk to it regularly, the plant makes its owner happy.

Alice will break her company’s bylaws by offering one of these flowers to her teenage son, Joe. Together, they will call her “Little Joe“. But, as the plant grows, Alice is seized with doubts about its creation: perhaps this plant is finally not as harmless as its little name suggests.


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