Tidal Wave 2009

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This film is the first disaster-themed film produced by South Korea. The film directed by Yoon Je-Kyoon, starring Sol Kyung-gu, Ha Ji-won, Park Joong-hoon, and Uhm Jung-Hwa.


Haeundae is a small city on the peninsula of South Korea. The town has a white sand beach, which is visited every year by millions of tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach.

When the tsunami struck several countries in Asia at the end of 2004, some residents of this small town also became victims, including the father of Yeon Hee (played by Ha Ji Won), who was at sea at that time. That incident wounds Yeon Hee’s heart. After his father’s death, Yeon Hee opened a small restaurant business on the beach. His love story, which was interrupted by Man Sik (played by Sol Kyung Goo), is interwoven again.

Another case with Hyeong Sik (played by Lee Min-Ki), the younger brother of Man Sik, who works as a lifeguard member. In one of his duties, Hyeong Sik manages to save Hee Mee (played by Kang Ye Won), a rich girl from Seoul who is on vacation there, both fall in love.

One time, Kim Hwi (played by Park Joong Hoon), a geologist, discovered something unusual about the condition of the Japanese sea at that time, where similarities occurred, such as a seabed earthquake that caused a devastating tsunami in 2004. Kim Hwi was very worried because of foam; the same tragedy will occur.

Kim Hwi also warned the people at the Disaster Management Agency. But unfortunately, a warning from Kim Hwi was ignored. Kim Hwi’s ex-wife, Yoo Jin (played by Uhm Junghwa), was there to prepare for the expo. But even his ex-wife did not believe him, Yoo Jin assumed that her ex-husband was making it up and wanted to make the expo show chaotic. The predicted tsunami happened.

Language:English, 한국어/조선말
Budget:$ 16.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 71.641.901,00

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