Top Gun: Maverick 2020

Top Gun: Maverick 2020

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Top Gun: Maverick movie is the sequel to the film Top Gun (1986). The film ‘Top Gun’ (1986) was a hit film at that time and managed to collect revenues of the US $ 356.8 million. Top Gun: Maverick is an action film directed by Joseph Kosinski. The screenplay for the film Top Gun: Maverick was written by Justin Marks, Peter Craig, and Eric Warren Singer.

The Paramount film is scheduled to air on June 26, 2020. Initially, the film Top Gun: Maverick movie 2020 was scheduled to be released on July 12, 2018, then retreated to August 2018, until finally retiring to 2020. Just like the first film, the film ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ will again be played by Tom Cruise. In addition to being an actor, Tom Cruise will also serve as a film producer. The movie trailer for Top Gun: Maverick was released by Paramount Pictures on July 18, 2019.


The contents of the inaugural trailer of the film Top Gun: Maverick 2020 itself shows how the character, starring Tom Cruise, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, is wielding his fighter aircraft skillfully. Maverick is now a flight instructor who is a mentor to Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (played by Miles Teller), the son of his late friend, Goose from the first film.

It was also shown by his boss, played by Ed Harris, how Maverick should be promoted. A number of scenes were also featured in the trailer, ranging from Mitchell’s joy at parties, commotion, and quarrels, to military death ceremonies. The trailer closes with Cruise driving a jet fighter, crossing lakes and mountains, until a sharp dive swirls in the air, then returns to the conversation between Cruise and Ed Harris.

The shooting location was reportedly carried out in San Diego; USS Abraham Lincoln in Norfolk, Virginia; South Lake Tahoe, California and California Indian Valley.

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