Trauma Center 2019

Trauma Center 2019

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Trauma Center (2019) is a thriller action movie from the United States directed by Matt Eskandari from a script written by Paul Da Silva.

Film Trauma Center (2019) starring Bruce Wills, Nicky Whelan, Steve Guttenberg, and several other film stars. Using the Lionsgate Home Entertainment film distributor, the Trauma Center film (2019) uses cinematographer Bryan Koss with the help of editor RJ Cooper.


In Puerto Rico, San Juan Police namely Lieutenant Wakes (Bruce Willis) whose partner named Martin (Tyler Jon Olson) was killed after stumbling on the protection carried out by Pierce (Tito Ortiz) and Tull, a pair of corrupt police representatives. Things were complicated for the dirty police at the time of the murders witnessed by Madison, a server in a closed and ejected garbage shop.

He took a bullet in the leg during the crossfire and was rushed to the hospital, where Wakes with beanr assumed the mystery killer or the killer would chase him. What they did was not just to kill him but to take a bullet from his left leg which was fired from Pierce’s weapon and would be tracked back to him after he underwent surgery the next day.

Wakes managed to hide Madison on the 7th floor of an empty hospital, ward of infectious diseases and bacterial research facilities that are now not in use. Wakes went to investigate Martin’s own murder, Pierce and Tull walked to the 7th floor where they were involved in a chase by surprising Madison who was resourceful, understood caring for herself after losing her mother and raising her sister who had asthma Emily who was hospitalized the previous day after an asthma attack.

Is there any chance that Tull and Pierce would threaten Emily’s life to get to Madison? and is there any doubt he will have an asthma attack at the most inappropriate time?


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