Euphoria (2019)

Euphoria (2019)

Genre: Drama, Netflix
Year: Duration: 53 MinView: 625 views
131 votes, average 8.0 out of 10

Euphoria itself will be released first on June 16, 2019. Although it is still quite long, this series has been anticipated by many people since the appearance of the first trailer. I wonder what is interesting about the latest series from HBO?

Starring young actors and actresses

Euphoria has many young stars, one of which is Zendaya. He plays the role of Rue, a teenage drug addict. Not only Zendaya but also stars Jacob Elordi, who is famous for his film on Netflix titled The Kissing Booth. The name Maude Apatow also starred in this series. Maude plays Lexi. And there are many more young actors and actresses who have the potential in the Euphoria series.

Is an adaptation of the Israeli series

Although seen as an original HBO series, Euphoria is actually an adaptation of an Israeli TV series of the same name. Euphoria aired from 2012 to 2013 in Israel with the same plot. The difference is the background, Euphoria in Israel takes place in the ’90s while the HBO depicts the lives of teenagers who are not far from the gadget.

A24 was also involved in this series

HBO teamed up with A24 to make the Euphoria series. You are definitely familiar with quality films produced by A24. Their famous works are Lady Bird, Hereditary, Eighth Grade, and Moonlight. It must be curious that Euphoria would be as cool as if the A24 was involved.

An interesting plot to watch

Euphoria has a plot that is actually commonly found in several series, but still interesting to watch. Euphoria tells the story of a group of high school teenagers who are still confused about their lives. Especially with the presence of social media in the current era.

This series will describe how to be a teenager living in the 21st century. Where they will face trauma, drugs, and also free sex.

Last Air Date:4 Aug 2019
Number Of Episode:8

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