How Are U Bread (K-drama) 2020

How Are U Bread (K-drama) 2020

Year: Duration: 45 MinView: 2,501 views
33 votes, average 6.1 out of 10

The Korean drama that will air in 2017 is titled “How Are You Bread”. This drama series is the work of director Kim Yeong-jun and the screenplay written by Kang Soo-Yeon.

How Are You Bread will be aired on the TBA channel station and will be played by Suho (Kim Jun-Myeon), Lee Se Young, Kang Tae-Hwan, Moon Ji-Yoon, and Han So-Young.

Synopsis How Are U Bread

The latest Korean drama titled How Are You Bread full movie tells the story of Han Do-Woo who is a pastry chef with excellent behavior. But he has a mysterious secret. He always starts every morning by making hope-giving bread.

A screenwriter named No Mi-Rae wants to put Han Do-Woo on a television show. No Mi-Rae then secretly sneaks into Han Do-Woo’s bakery.

Last Air Date:1 Feb 2020
Number Of Episode:10

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