Love with Flaws (K-drama) 2019

Love with Flaws (K-drama) 2019

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Love with Flaws is MBC’s latest k-drama, a replacement for Extraordinary You who finished last week. This drama has 32 episodes with a duration of 30 minutes each. Love with Flaws is a romantic comedy-drama that focuses on prejudice and stigma about one’s outward appearance.

Synopsis Love with Flaws

This drama tells the life of Joo Seo-Yeon, played by Oh Yeon-Seo, a sports teacher who has a very hard character and chooses to look like a man.

Joo Seo-Yeon really hates handsome and beautiful men. The hatred arose due to a number of problems faced by ‘thanks’ to his three brothers who looked very attractive.

Not only that, but Joo Seo-Yeon is also often considered not a member of the family of three brothers because of their different appearance. People often call Joo Seo-Yeon very ordinary compared to her handsome brother like the main character in a comic.

So, Joo Seo-Yeon began to ‘traumatize’ with a handsome man and only wanted to be close or in touch with men who looked ‘ordinary’ and far from interesting words. However, desire is only a desire. Joo Seo-Yeon instead met with Lee Kang-woo, played by Ahn Jae-Hyun, who really loved appearance and self.

The narcissism arises because Lee Kang-woo was once rejected due to an unattractive appearance. Since then, Lee Kang-woo moved abroad and cared so much about his appearance that he felt his good looks were the center of world attention.

After the appearance changed, Lee Kang-woo returned to Korea and used all his connections to become a director at the school where Joo Seo-Yeon worked. Lee did that because Joo Seo-Yeon was the reason he was more concerned with appearance. He also wants to solve the problem with Joo Seo-Yeon.

Last Air Date:16 Jan 2020
Number Of Episode:32

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