My Secret Romance (2017)

My Secret Romance (K-drama) 2017

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The new Korean drama from the OCN tv channel this time is titled My Secret Romance and premiered on April 17, 2017, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00 local time.

OCN’s romantic drama series this time is the first drama that aired on Monday and Tuesday on OCN tv.

The love story between the rich who likes to squander his wealth with ordinary girls is fairly common, for this OCN series will be packaged in a different and more interesting way.

The Korean drama My Secret Romance was written by screenwriter Kim Ha-Na and assisted by director Kang Cheol-Woo who made the drama “Cheo Yong 2” from OCN as well and Something About 1% from DramaX.

This time the Korean drama series was starred by the handsome actor Sung Hoon and this is his first debut as the main character, usually, he only becomes the main supporting role as in the Korean drama Five Enough and Oh My Venus”.

The series “My Secret Romance” is not only the famous Sung Hoon player but there is a beautiful actress Song Ji-Eun is a member of the famous Korean K-pop “Secret”, then there are Kim Jae-Young and Jeong Da-Sol who became the supporting cast.

Synopsis My Secret Romance

Cha Jin-Wook who was born by Sung Hoon is a son of a rich family. His family runs a large company in South Korea. He is a second-generation chaebol, cold, indifferent and also often toying with someone’s love. He often changes his partner and every woman is crazy about him, Jin-Wook always spends his life to have fun like to the club festival.

On the other hand, there is a 25-year-old woman named Yumi Lee played by Song Ji Eun, she is the type of young unmarried women. Yumi Lee has a bright personality, She meets Cha Jin-Wook, He spends his nights with her, but He knows the nature and badness of Jin-Wook that he considers something unique and makes Yumi Lee curious.

But he did not know his name or identity, Yumi Lee was more often spent his life to enjoy the pleasures of his life. 3 years later they were reunited at a company canteen and they pretended not to remember. Will their relationship be united?

A person named Jung Tae-Hyun who is played by Kim Jae Young is 28 years old and owns a bookstore that sells coffee and coffee drinks, he loves Yumi Lee but his love is unrequited. On the other hand, there is a young woman who has intelligence named Ri Jung Hye played by Jung Da-Sol and she was raised by a family that was very conservative and strict in educating her.

Last Air Date:30 May 2017
Number Of Episode:13

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