My Strange Hero (K-drama) 2018

My Strange Hero (K-drama) 2018

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Bok-Soo’s Back, also known as My Strange Hero full movie is a school drama that tells the story of Bok-Soo who was expelled from school for being accused of violence against other students.

After growing up his life had not changed and resulted in him wanting revenge by returning to the same school as a student. But instead, He was involved with unexpected things.

The famous and handsome actor Yoo Seung-Ho will be the male lead, he will play the character Kang Bok-Soo, a student who is accused by his friend. Of course, you already know the actor Yoo Seung-Ho right?

He is one of Korea’s top actors whose dramas are awaited by many, including SBS’s latest series My Strange Hero. His success at a young age cannot be underestimated.

He has starred in many popular Korean dramas, including the 2015 Remember series, Ruler: Master of the Mask and I’m Not a Robot 2017. Is He among your biases? Don’t forget to watch the Korean drama Revenge is Back!

The Korean Drama My Strange Hero was written by budding writer Kim Yoon-Young who will be directed by director Ham Joon-Ho who has worked on the Wok of Love series.

It will be aired in December 2018 on the SBS Drama channel replacing the previous drama series slot Fox Bride Star, every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 local time. Alright, just you just see Synopsis My Strange Hero in full.

Synopsis My Strange Hero

When Kang Bok-Soo, played by Yoo Seung-Ho, was a high school student, he was accused of violence and was kicked out of school. This is caused by his first love Son Soo-Jung and a male student Oh Se-Ho. Kang Bok-Soo is now an adult, but his life hasn’t gone well.

To take revenge on Son Soo-Jung and Oh Se-Ho, he returned to the same school as a student. The environment in the school has changed and Kang Bok-Soo is involved in unexpected cases.

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