Outer Banks (Series) 2020

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Netflix released the Outer Banks serial trailer on Tuesday (3/31/2020). This series of ten episodes will air on April 15, 2020. The Outer Banks is directed by director Valerie Weiss and screenwriters Keith Josef Adkins, Rachel Alter, Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate, and Josh Pate.

Outer Banks tells the story of John Booker Routledge who lives on the Outer Banks coast. For him, the place was beautiful like heaven. Many vacations or do fun things. For the Outer Banks community, it is usual to have two jobs or two houses.

The players who joined include Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss, Charles Esten, Alexis Desiree Jones, Rob Mars, Austin North, Rudy Pankow, Drew Starkey, Chase Stokes, Caroline Arapoglou, Kellan Jackson, and Cullen Moss.

Synopsis Outer Banks

Routledge has three friends who are the same age and work together. They often play together on the beach or other places. Every day they do it for fun.

One day, while sailing on a boat, they crashed into something in the water. When checked, it turns out there is another boat that has sunk. After being examined, it turned out that the ship belonged to Routledge’s father, who had been lost some time ago.

Then Routledge and other friends investigate what they find. There is one discovery of money and gold worth 400 million US dollars. It was certainly surprising and at the same time delighted Routledge and his friends.

They had fun with the findings, for a moment. You know, every lot of money often brings disaster. Since they found the money, the problem after the problem is present. There is an alleged loss of Routledge’s father regarding the money and gold they found.

Now they need to face terror from people who appear to be chasing the money and gold they carry.

Last Air Date:1 Jan 1970
Number Of Episode:10

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