Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle (2020)

Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle (2020)

Year: Duration: 24 MinView: 425 views

A black cat covered in mud fell in love with a noble white cat. That all started …

Tiza PV, the first installment of the TV anime “White Cat Project ZERO CHRONICLE”, which was unveiled during the 5th anniversary of the “White Cat Project” live broadcast, will be released on YouTube for the first time!

Based on the event “Zero Chronicle-Beginning of Sin”, which was released on the 3rd anniversary of the original “Shiro Neko Project”, it was made into a TV animation with a story completely supervised by the original staff.

Director / Screenplay is “Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei!” And other characters Masato Jimbo Akira Iwasaki, such as Dogs, is in charge.
The cast is the same as the game version, with Yuki Tsuji as the prince of darkness and Yui Horie as the hero of the heroine’s light king.

Scheduled to start broadcasting on April 2020.


A long time ago, there was a white kingdom in the sky and a black nation on the earth, and it was while maintaining. But at some point, a mighty dark king appears. The king of darkness is the kingdom of white while invaded, lodge a treaty to avenge an eyesore bar. The king of light, Iris, joined his hand in believing that he wanted the messenger Adel’s “balance.”

Its Adel even after it has attacked from, the iris is Adele got off to a prince of darkness trust, and bring about both peaceful world. But the two Promises are trampled by the Dark King. A dark king who wants to destroy not only white but also black. The dark prince who noticed it laments at the bottom of the earth then gains the power to run in heaven and heads to Iris. Slay down the army of darkness, the prince of darkness.

There iris at that time, which held out a hand to… one of the world has come to an end…


Last Air Date:1 Jan 1970
Number Of Episode:

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