The English Game (Series) 2020

Year: Duration: 47 Min
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The English Game full movie was directed by director Birgitte Stærmose and the script was written in groups by names such as Gabbie Asher, Sam Hoare, and Geoff Bussetil for the initial episode. In addition, there is Ben Vanstone for episode 3, and for episode 6 written by Tony Charles, Oliver Cotton, and Julian Fellowes.

Starring several actors such as Edward Holcroft, Kevin Guthrie, and Charlotte Hope. Besides that, there are Joncie Elmore as Ted Stokes, Kerrie Hayes as Doris Platt, and John Askew as Jack Hunter. The English Game tells the beginning of the invention of soccer as a game that is now loved by many people around the world.

Synopsis The English Game

In the beginning, the story begins in the era of 1870 in mainland England where football originated. Previously, this game was not just any can enjoy it. Only the upper strata of the bourgeoisie can enjoy watching the game.

At one time there were two soccer players from different social classes who formed bonds of mutual assistance. They intend that soccer can later be enjoyed by everyone. Good intentions then begin to get the chance to make it happen.

Football which was originally a top-class men’s game can then be enjoyed by all cross-class communities. The game then became an equivalent world game played and watched by all levels of society.

Last Air Date:20 Mar 2020
Number Of Episode:6