The King: Eternal Monarch (K-drama) 2020

The King: Eternal Monarch (K-drama) 2020

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One of the most awaited most recent Korean dramas in 2020 is The King: The Eternal Monarch. The Korean drama, which will star Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun, has a history, romance, and fantasy genre.

Synopsis The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch tells the story of demons being released into the human world and immediately opening the door to a parallel world. The devil asks if he lives a better life in another world, whether he can live in another world.

Hearing the devil’s question, Korean Emperor Lee Gon ( Lee Min-Ho ) tries to close the door to a parallel world. Meanwhile, a South Korean detective Jung Tae Eul ( Kim Go Eun) also tries to close the parallel world door to protect the lives of the people and figures he loves.

This Korean drama story itself was written by a top Korean writer, Kim Eun Sook, who previously wrote the script of Mr. Sunshine, Goblin and Descendants of the Sun.

Schedule for Korean drama The King: The Eternal Monarchitself is not known for sure. The production house, Hwa & Dam Pictures, is still keeping a date for the performance, but the Korean drama shooting process has begun filming since the end of 2019. This drama is one of the most awaited Korean drama lovers in 2020.

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