Vagabond (2019)

Vagabond (2019)

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The latest Korean drama played by Lee Seung Gi and Suzy titled Vagabond has been rumoured to be airing 2019 since last year.

Airing on SBS, the Korean drama Vagabond is planned to be aired on September 20, 2019. Although it was delayed, the Korean drama Vagabond has almost finished filming. Launching Soompi, SBS even released drama footage for the character played by Suzy. In the photo, Suzy looks confident while aiming at something with the pistol she is holding. Wearing a black sleeveless shirt, do not forget the covered it with a bulletproof vest. Suzy also wore safety glasses and earmuffs while showing her sharp gaze.

“Seeing his position, serious expression, and overflowing desire, it almost reminds us of a true expert shooter,” said a source from Celltrion Entertainment. “On top of her charming character, the actress is full of passion, so we believe Suzy is able to create a different character all her life,” he said.

History of Vagabond

This drama tells the story of a man (Lee Seung Gi) who tries to uncover the truth and corruption hidden behind the mysterious plane crash event. Vagabond is an action melodrama that will feature adventures laden with danger but must be faced by the main character.

Suzy will star in the drama as Go Hae Ri, the daughter of a marine who eventually becomes a secret agent. When his father died, Go Hae Ri inevitably became the head of the family. While working at the Korean Embassy in Morocco while hiding his identity, a plane suddenly crashed. During the shooting process, the crew imposed strict rules to create a safe work environment because of the many action scenes. That seems to be more or less helping Suzy’s focus not split to explore her character. Evidently he is able to express the emotions of his character perfectly.

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