Wendy (2020)

Wendy (2020)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
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Wendy (2020) is a fantasy drama film directed and written directly by Behn Zeitlin. Trying to narrate the story of Peter Pan, the Wendy film (2020) starring Tommie Lynn Milazzo, Shay Walker, Yashua Mack and many more.

Produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures, Cinereach and Court 13, the film Wendy (2020) is produced by Becky Glupczynski, Dan Janvey, Paul Mezey, and Josh Penn. Wendy (2020) is scheduled for release on February 28, 2020, by Fox Searchlight Pictures. In the narration and dialogue, the film Wendy (2020) uses English.


Narrated in an island in a fantasy world where age and time can no longer change. A woman named Wendy (Tommie Lynn Milazzo) is struggling for something valuable in her life. Wendy is a passionate young woman. In overcoming the problems that forged him, she was so enthusiastic to solve them. This is where she fought for the family he loved.

She also fought for his freedom from the environment and something that shackled him. The enthusiasm and excitement of Wendy and her young friends are an important factor in reaching their goals. Those at a young age believe that the most terrible things in life are aging, becoming mature, and aging. Various kinds of adventures color the friendship journey of Wendy and her friends.


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